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Tips to traveling safe during the pandemic

If last year was chaotic (not that this one has started off too certain) and rather frightful, some aspects of the pandemic we are still facing are much more clear now. For instance, when 2021 started, we were already certain that we would have to live with this virus for quite a while. Not the news we were hoping for, but the experience of the year we left behind has helped us learn how to protect ourselves and our dearest ones in a way that we never could have imagined.

Speaking of which, when asked what they miss more about their normal life, apart from hugging, people almost unanimously voted for traveling. We don’t know about hugging, but we certainly know that traveling is completely safe. Of course, with a little planning ahead. Already thinking about your next destination? Here are some tips to traveling safe during the pandemic:

Choose your Airlines Carefully

Do your research before buying your airplane ticket(s). As you know, every airline has its policy about the type of bag you are allowed to carry and/ or the items that are allowed on board. Make sure that their policies are aligned to your needs as best as possible.

Test for COVID-19

Not only from an ethical point of view but also because most airlines require a preliminary Co-vid test, make sure you have your PCR negative result ready to be checked before boarding for your next trip.

Wear a Mask

… but not any mask. Homemade masks are proven not to be as safe as N95 or surgical, so be sure to pack a bunch of the right ones with you.

Respect the Hygiene Protocols

Wash your hands frequently, for at least 20 seconds, and avoid touching your face. Never leave your house without your hand sanitizer or rush into the nearest shop if you forgot to pack it. For safety reasons, TSA has authorized the installation of sanitizer containers in airplanes, so as soon as you are on board, they get you covered.

Practice Social Distancing

Studies have shown that all of the above work hand in hand with physical distancing to make the right recipe to keep you safe from catching the virus. So, keep this rule in mind even when you don’t see a sign about the 2-meter safety distance under your feet.

Use Safe Airport Transportation

Regardless of the reason, you are traveling, whether it’s business or pleasure, you have to make sure that you get to the airport safe and on time. Not very realistic with random taxi services? American Choice provides professional limo services that comply with all the applicable health and safety rules. Our vehicles are cleaned and sanitized before and after every ride. Our drivers are great professionals that will give you a pleasant experience while making you feel as safe as possible.

So, if you have booked your next flight but you don’t know how to get to the airport as safely as possible, let everything in our care. Give us a call or write us a message and let’s establish all the details of your airport transfer. With us, all your needs will be met.

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